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Phuket is best known for long sandy beaches. With lots of different beach activities and beach formations, there is a beach for everyone.
Here, we will list our top 5 favourite beaches:

1. Karon Beach
With a free shuttle bus on schedule from Hotel IKON Phuket, this beautiful beach is only 5 minutes away. Known as one of the longest beaches in Phuket, this beach is perfect for family, couples and friends who are looking to enjoy the sun while having space that is not too crowded. On this beach you will find beach activities such as beach volleyball, jet ski and parasailing. Along the way, there are also many Thai restaurants and shops to keep you occupied.

2. Kata Beach
Known as the hot spot for activities, this is one of the beaches you cannot miss while you are in Phuket. If you are into outdoor activities, you may find yourself taking a surf lesson, paddleboarding or kayaking. Surf House Phuket is also a great spot to watch people enjoy the water while taking in the beach vibe. This beach is only 10 minutes drive away from Hotel IKON Phuket.

3. Yanui Beach
If you are into smaller and cosy beaches, this may just be your spot. Yanui Beach is lesser known in comparison to other beaches on our list but it is no less beautiful. This beach is a combination of clear water and rocks. It is oh-so-instagram worthy. You will find many spots that is great for photos along with some activities nearby.

4. Kamala Beach
This beach is among our favourites because not only it offers a spot for the perfect Phuket sunset, it is also a home to a few of our favourite beach clubs such as Café Del Mar and HQ Beach Club. These beach clubs are great for day time and night. During the day, you can enjoy the music, food and the pool. The best time, in our opinion, to visit is around 5PM before the sunset. But do keep in mind that beautiful places sometimes come

5. Naiharn Beach
Other than being a hub of many great Italian restaurants in Phuket, Naiharn Beach is a great beach to go with your loved ones. Nearby, there is also Laem Krating (Krating Cape) that is quite a trek to get to but some considers it a hidden gem.